Card of the Day April 14th 2020, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 50%

Today’s card comes from a deck I absolutely love titled “Earth Wisdom Oracle”. This deck always brings me a perfect message and today’s pull does not disappoint!

The Big Picture. This card features a stunning garden of Bella Donna, a magickal plant that helps to expand one’s consciousness and open the chakras. This card is associated with the crystal- Malachite. A power stone used for activating psychic vision and helps to focus energy on what is important.

“When situations feel chaotic….unsolvable, it is easy to feel frustrated… There is more going on than meets the physical eye. Clear and open your chakras and allow your consciousness to expand. See the big picture and the key will be revealed”.

My daughter pointed out to me today, in the chaos of scrambling to complete a homework assignment, “You know in 5 years, this isn’t going to matter. All this stress for nothing! What a waste of cortisol”. I laughed and her comments resonated strongly with me. What a waste indeed! How often have I found myself fretting over the “small stuff”. Quite often it is the human tendency to stress and fret about small details. Think about the last disagreement you had with one of your family  members – did it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Probably not. How much energy are you expending on negative thoughts or actions and for what? I encourage you to be very aware of what thoughts you foster, are they contributing to joy and high vibes or to ego and self pity?

If you find you are getting stuck in low vibes states, try a Chakra Opening or Healing Meditation. Unblock your obstacles to joy through creative expressing and just simply letting go!

Repeat this affirmation to help anchor your actions;

I step back from the chaos into the calm. I allow myself to see the bigger picture. I trust the key I seek will be revealed.

Love and Light